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Our Plantations

Many of our plantations are FSC certified (FSC-certificate (PFD, 236 KB))
Our land was used as pastures and in-depth analyses have shown that it is ideal to grow teak and other precious woods. It is fertile, slightly hilly and drains well. It borders on or is near to the Panamericana, the national highway, which facilitates  the maintenance and harvest.
One of our neighbours is Forests for Friends Panama Inc. BARCA Panama is the plantation manager and we have contracted them for the planting and maintenance of our plantations, too.

The location of our plantations
The plantation Agua Fría (AF) is 3 hours east of Panama City in the province of Darién.
The plantation San Juan (SJ) is in the province of Chiriquí.

> excerpt from map Panamá-Darién with GPS coordinates
> excerpt from map Panamá-Chiriquí with GPS coordinates

Only when the financing has been secured
Trees will only be planted and plantations will only be established, when the financing has been secured. Thus, we will avoid the entrepreneurial trap of having to acquire clients with increasingly aggressive meth­ods to secure debt capital that has already been invested.

The planting concept
Three quarters of the land are reforested, mainly with teak. 20 % of the planted trees are other precious species, such as amarillo, mahogany, cedar, ronron (zebra wood) and rosewood. With this concept we want to avoid monocultural plantations and grow trees adapted to the location.
About one quarter of the land will not be planted. It is composed mainly of ecological enclaves and eco-bridges as well as wetland (áreas de protección) to encourage the local flora and fauna. Some of the land is needed for maintenance roads, tracks, a house for the foreman and for the labourers as well as a storage. These roads are wide enough to be used as fires breaks.
> our planting concept

Agua Fría-2   
Along with
Agua Fría of Forests for Friends, the tree farms in Agua Fría-2 are part of a geographical and operational unit. This facilitates the maintenance work and  saves infrastructure costs. Due to the areas planted in 2008 and 2005 we have an improved cash situation thanks to  earlier wood sales.
> the plantation "Agua Fría-2"
> pictures of "Agua Fría-2"

San Juan
We bought the piece of land in San Juan in 2014. We now have older trees (planted in 2004) which can be harvested earlier. The plantation San Juan is a  grazing forest in which cattle and sheep are grazing regularly and are fertilising  the trees at the same time. San Juan is a showcase project in Panama and is giving answers to the climate change which cannot be ignored any longer.
> the plantation "San  Juan"

> pictures of "San Juan"